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Front-loading washing machines are becoming more popular in New Zealand. In smaller homes or apartments they can be stacked with a clothes dryer which means they have a smaller footprint. They also tend to have a lower annual running cost but they do have a longer-cycle time so if speed is a criterion for you, then you may want to think about a top-loader, or plan your laundry to take account of the extra time needed to complete the wash. Here a Dunedin appliance repairs service looks at some options.


EnergyWise ran some tests to find out the most energy-efficient front-loading washing machines. They also looked at the overall annual running costs. Here are some of the key findings from their research which you can find here.


Best Energy Rating Front Loading Washing Machines

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Miele front loader

The top-rated front-loader was the MIELE WWV 980 WPS. The energy consumption for a warm-wash was 219 kWh/365 (kWh for 365 hours). The annual running cost was estimated to be $55.


The Top 10 models all came from three brands. Miele had the top three models, Electrolux the next three, and Asko the next four best performing models.


The best Electrolux was the ELECTROLUX EWW14013. Energy Wise assessed the warm-wash energy consumption uses 214 kWh/365. The annual running cost is $53.


The top Asko machine was the ASKO W8844W with a warm-wash energy consumption of 266 kWh for 365 hours and an annual running cost of $66.


All of these machines had 5-star energy ratings.


Least Energy Efficient Front-Loading Washing Machines

The worst performers all had only a 2-star energy-rating.


Those models included the CLASSIQUE CL55FLW with a warm-wash energy consumption of 474 kWh/365 hours use. Other poor performing brands included the MIDEA 360450 with a warm-wash energy consumption of 445 kWh/365 hours. The COMFEE 368475 came in with a warm-wash energy consumption of 556 kWh/365 uses.


Best Annual Running Costs For Front-Loading Washing Machines

The lowest-annual running cost front-loading washing machine was the ASKO W6884 ECO W.

Its warm-wash energy consumption of 151 kWh/365 hours use gave an annual running cost of just $38.


Two other good performing brands were:-

HOOVER DXOA175AH / 1-AUS with an annual running cost of $51 based on a warm-wash energy consumption of 206 kWh/365.


The AEG LF8C9412A also did well with an annual running cost of $52 based on a warm-wash energy consumption of 210 kWh/365 uses.

Three different brands did well in the annual running cost tests although Asko had the top two models.

Dunedin Appliance Repairs Repairing Front-Loading Washing Machines

Any type of home appliance will need a service and some will also need repairing at some stage.  If your front-loader washing machine needs repairing, this website has all the home appliance repairers around the country. Go to https://nzappliancerepairs.co.nz and search for your local Dunedin appliance repair company.