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South Auckland Separation Lawyer – The Holiday Seasons Can Bring Out The Worst In A Marriage


Many families find the holidays a time of joy and celebration. It is time to enjoy slow cooked meals with the family, enjoy a holiday vacation, or simply take a well-deserved break from work. Well, this is almost everyone with the exception of divorce lawyers! In fact, the typical South Auckland separation lawyer sees a substantial increase in business. One would think that this is a time when families and couples come together. However, the holiday season has an incredible way of tearing apart the smallest threads that are keeping a relationship alive. Let’s look at a few reasons why separation increases over the holiday season.


It’s not surprising that people turn to a South Auckland separation lawyer but let’s look at some of the common problems.


Bills And Finances

Arguing coupleWe all know how expensive the holiday season can be and it tends to get more expensive with each passing year. The cost of gifts and toys keeps increasing as does the general cost of living. For families that are on a budget, the holiday season can bring them to the brink of despair. For families struggling with finances and debt, the holiday season is nothing more than an extra burden that they cannot handle. As bills begin to pile up, they may be faced with disconnect notices, the inability to buy for their loved ones and it just takes a marriage to the end. Even if they use personal finance management tools, disagreements become arguments and the stress keeps pushing until a couple can no longer deal with financial insecurity and file for divorce.


Holiday Stress

The holidays for all of their joy and happiness can have the ability to place an insurmountable amount of stress on the happiest of couples. Aside from the financial difficulties in which we have already discusses, there are a number of stressful situations that arise during the holidays. Disagreements over whose family to visit, what gifts to get the children or even where to take a holiday vacation can escalate very quickly. These small disagreements become large arguments and the roll of string quickly begins to unwind. What started out as a disagreement over ham or turkey for Christmas dinner has now went down the road of I want a divorce. Of course, there were underlying problems, but the stress of the holidays blew situations out of control and an otherwise happy couple finds out they were not as happy as they thought.


Loneliness And Depression

South Auckland separation lawyerThe holidays can be a very lonely time for people, even those who seem to be happily married. Many individuals are fighting depression and feelings of loneliness and find that the love of their life is not quite that much of a love. Their significant other may spend too much time on work or extended amounts of time away from home. While this level of work helps to provide financially for the family, it does not help with emotional support. For one reason or another, the holidays bring out the need for love and attention and individuals realize that they are not getting it from their significant other and file for a divorce.


As you can see, the holidays can be a great time of love and celebration, but they also bring about stress and loneliness. It is at this time that divorce lawyers find that their services are in the greatest of need. If you are struggling with a marriage during this holiday season, please feel free to get in touch with us.


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