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Auckland Royalty-Free Video Stock Library


A royalty-free video stock library is a time-saver to anyone running a website who needs reliable, relevant, high quality videos to put up on their sites. As it is, visual content is very important today in ensuring that a site gets traffic and is converting visitors to loyal customers. However, if creating such visual content proves to be an issue, opting for royalty free stock videos is a great way to get around this problem.


Why use a video library?

The main reason to use a video library is that it saves you lots of time searching for or creating relevant videos for the topic of your blog post or web page. For instance, you may be talking about construction and do not have the time or the means to take HD video of construction sites or builders to put up on your site. A great solution is to find a library which has videos of building sites and construction workers which you can then use on your website.


Royalty-free license

When searching for content, royalty-free video stock libraries will be the best sites to go to. These libraries offer videos for people to use as often as they like once that person has purchased the license to use the video. The great thing about royalty free content is that you can use it without being charged huge fees or even worse getting massive penalties for incorrect use of the video.  When you buy a video to download this will come with an assumed license. In most cases the person who buys the video can then use that video for various applications and more than once. However, they are not allowed to give the video to any other person or organization.


Types of video available in a stock library

Most of the content is usually created by dedicated videographers and professionals. There are plenty of free stock libraries on the Internet today. As such, finding such content should not be a problem.


However, when searching for free stock content, it is important that you understand a few things. To help you make the best of your endeavors when working with free royalty content, we are going to look at some of the things that you need to understand about royalty free content on video stock libraries and what you need to consider when working with such content.


HD video quality

There is plenty of poor quality video material on the ‘Net but the free sites tend to have lower grade video footage. This might work for some situations but if you want to create a good impression then you if you go to a reputable video library like you can find high-quality and high-definition video content.  The difference in quality will make your website look far more professional and improve your image to any website visitors.


Are the library videos believable?

royalty-free video stockWhen considering royalty free content on a video footage library for use on your site, it is important that you take time to consider whether the content you get is believable and relevant. As it is, some libraries do not have that much content. As such, some of the content will be irrelevant. At the same time, when choosing videos from the library for your personal use, you need to consider whether the content you choose is relevant to what you are you talking about. This way, you are able to post videos that correspond with the information that you are trying to relay to your readers.


Can the library videos be used commercially?

Some of the royalty free video stock library sites will also hold rights-managed content. Once you have decided on the library site you intend to get the content you need from, it is important that you consider which of its content is meant to be used commercially or personally. There are some libraries that only provide content meant to be used on personal sites like blogs for example. As such, if your intentions are to upload these on a commercial website, then this may present a problem. It is therefore important that you first of all consider the type of library (in respect to their terms of use and permissions) you are going to use to get the content that you need. A royalty-free video library should cover these issues.


Copyright issues with stock videos

Most videos found on libraries are usually copyrighted. However, when it comes to royalty free content, your options are much broader and there are fewer restrictions on how you use them. Nonetheless, there are usually some restrictions to how this content is used. It is therefore important that you take time to consider the library’s copyright rules in order to understand how you are going to use the content without infringing some rights in relation to the content you acquire from them.


Reliability of a royalty-free video stock library

When looking for a royalty free stock library, it is imperative that you look for a site that you can rely on. Do they have problems with their site? Does the site suffer down-times often? Is the site well optimized? How long does it take for pages to load and to download content from the library? Can they cater to your every stock content need? What kind of content does the site offer?  For example, smaller sites might only have nature themed videos available or only travel related content. By considering these factors when looking at different websites, finding a reliable company which has a broad range in its library, will make life much easier for you.


Overall, a royalty-free video stock library will be of great help to anyone looking for high quality content for use on their own site. By considering the above factors, choosing a library will become that much easier.


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