How To Remove Pet Stains By An Auckland Carpet Cleaner

Auckland Carpet Cleaner To  Remove Pet Stains

Auckland carpet cleanerThere are numerous products available in the market that can help you remove almost any kind of stain. The perfect solution to totally remove or minimise stains is to just clean up the dirt or spill as soon as it happens. You won’t even need to leave your house to purchase expensive kinds of cleaning products to clean them up. However, this is not always possible and from time to time, you will get pet stains on your carpet. This post addresses ways to remove pet stains from a carpet, and comes from an Auckland carpet cleaner.


There are several different ways that stains can be cleaned up by simply using products that you have available at home already and that you use regularly, like lemon juice, vinegar, rubbing alcohol, and detergents. You just need to know how to use common household products along with the procedures that are used for cleaning stains up.  You find some useful tips below on how to clean pet stains up and some of the other most common types of carpet stains.


Pet stains


Your first option is to add one teaspoon of a clear household ammonia into half a cup of cold water. This solution can be applied directly to the carpet or put into a spray bottle.  When applying the solution, it is critical to not get the carpet backing wet.  After the solution has been applied, blot it with paper towels and then let it completely dry.


A second option that you can try is using a detergent solution that is made out of dish soap or hand soap.  This combination is comprised of one quart of water and one quarter teaspoon of detergent.  Make sure that there is no lanolin or bleach in the soap.


The option, which is the best one, is to simply use water. It works to re-hydrate the stain which helps to remove it. You can clean up most kinds of pet stains through using a steam cleaner. After you are finished, make sure to thoroughly dry the area.


One of the most important aspect to remember when trying to remove pet stains is to dab the stain and not rub.


Other difficult stains to remove from a carpet

Ink stains


  1. Isopropyl rubbing alcohol can be purchased at your local grocery or department store.


  1. It can be applied by pouring some of the rubbing alcohol onto a clean white cloth or towel. Paper towels can also be used, if they are white.


  1. Next continue to blot the stain until it is completely removed.


  1. Be careful, and if it is a small stain, blot in just one direction so that you don’t end up causing the stain to spread.


Wine and beer stains


  1. Mix up a solution of one-part water and one-part white vinegar.


  1. Use a spray bottle to apply this mixture to the stain so that it is saturated.


  1. Let the stain sit for about 10 to 15 minutes.


  1. Clean using a rubbing motion with a sponge.


  1. Use warm water to rinse the area.


  1. Brush back the carpet pile to its natural direction.


  1. Take layers of white paper towels, and put them over the area, and then something that has some weight to it on top of the paper towels. Let everything sit for a while until the area has completely dried.


Professional Auckland Auckland Carpet Cleaner How To Remove Pet Stains

If you do not feel confident about removing pet stains from a carpet, your best bet is to contact a reputable Auckland carpet cleaning company. One to consider is Go Green Carpet Cleaning. They operate on the North Shore and West Auckland.